segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011


Hi Simone, peers and teachers,
These two uprisings in Brazil as Minas Conspiracy and Conjuration Bahia, show that throughout history when a government begins to spend more than it collects, they have a fantastic idea: RAISE TAXES. If "Joe the People" have income, fine, pay the taxes if "Joe the People" can not pay the fees and taxes, too great, he will suffer tax enforcement and have their assets seized, their lands auctioned, so that humanity works in any regime, and government and Tra-la-la and Tra-la-la ...

I will not waste my time discussing certain points of policy, such as subtitles and parties for me every ideology is useless if it does not bring the well on your end result. I see some ardent political activists advocating this or that side. But it does not matter who takes power, will always have a mindset for its perpetuation in power and the system of things. Who is excluded from the circle of which has advantages and privileges, always will revolt.

Yesterday I was talking to a dealer here in St. Vincent, he reported to me that 30 years ago that has no holiday, working day and night to honor their commitments. Until last year he paid about ninety reais per month for each land he had at the Ulysses Guimarães Av, in the district of Rio Branco. This year, the city is charging about three hundred and twenty reais for two sites under MONTHLY URBAN LAND TAX.

Our country oppresses small retailers, the class that generates much employment. All laws in general is oppressive to the small businessman and entrepreneur. I speak because I was dealer for over 10 years and have had about twenty-five employees. Thank God I shut down, was not supporting the burden of social costs to keep the doors open, faced the tyranny of the state, the crime that also came through theft and robbery to decrease my property has dwindling. Repressive labor laws and inhibit the opening of jobs.

I wish there was a popular revolt and all the aldermen, deputies, senators, mayors and governors and the president obviously were beheaded. Race that only knows how to create offices, public offices useless, chairs meetings, money allocated to the >*&@#@!!)# they created ...

I will stop here, but lack intelligence, and "animus" Hellenistic this generation for the Brazilians do real conspiracies and conspiracies.

(Business Manager Valdemir Mota de Menezes)


Dear Carlos Eduardo,
I enjoyed your comments on the intellectual level of the miners, rather than to other Brazilian colonial period, specifically in times of Tiradentes. However, much less how many intellectuals as the lyrics, feel the same way the effects of state oppression when they undermine their resources through confiscatory taxes and fees.

Many popular revolts that broke out in history is to trigger the collection of taxes exacerbated. I recommend my colleagues to read two very good historical books that talk about REVOLT OF Maccabee brothers. I and II Maccabees are not books of the Biblical canon, but were added in the Catholic Bible Catholic Movement in the Counter-Reformation. However, books are of historical authenticity, and shows how the Jews revolted against imperialism in the Greek Seleucid dynasty of the Middle East.
(Business Manager Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011


No mercantilismo que estava em vigência no fim da Idade Média e início da Idade Contemporânea estava imbutido as seguintes prática de mercado:
Balança comercial